An urban forest refers to the collection of street trees, gardens, green spaces, parks, green belts, woodlands, and other vegetation within an urban environment. It represents a well planned green infrastructure integrated into the urban fabric to provide various economic, social, and environmental benefits. There are some key characteristics of an urban forest and they include:

Tree Canopy Coverage: It consists of a significant number of vegetation and trees, which can vary in diversity, density, and size, depending on the available space and urban planning considerations.

Diverse Ecosystem: An urban forest aims to create a diverse ecosystem that supports various animal and plant species. It includes not only trees but also grasses, shrubs, and other vegetation that contribute to biodiversity.

Environmental Benefits: Urban forests offer multiple environmental benefits such as managing stormwater, reducing urban heat island effect, carbon sequestration, air purification, and improving overall air and water quality i9.

Recreational and Social Spaces: These green specified areas serve as spaces for community activities, relaxation, and recreation. They provide opportunities for social interaction, mental well-being, and exercise for urban residents.

Economic Value: Urban forests contribute economically by reducing energy costs through shade provision, increasing property values, and attracting visitors or tourists, thereby boosting local trade.

Climate Resilience: They play a role in enhancing the resilience of cities to climate change by mitigating flooding, providing cooling effects, and acting as natural buffers against extreme weather events.

Urban forests are essential components of sustainable urban planning, contributing to the overall environmental livability and quality of cities while fostering connections between nature and urban dwellers. Proper conservation and management of these green spaces contribute significantly to the resilience and overall health of urban areas.

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